Hennie van Heerden's Wildlife Diary

March 6, 2010

Bavarian Forest

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The first impressions of the wildlife treasures of the German National Park the Bavarian Forest tasted like more. So when my friend (and also passionate wildlife photographer) Dennis Rademaker said that he would love to see it also, we just packed in the car and went there.

When I was there in February it had snowed heavily and although it makes hiking and dragging the equipment around quite difficult, it sure makes the photographs more special. So, we decided to to as quickly as possible, hoping there still would be snow in the park. On the 850km drive there, we had bright sunshine and no snowflake was in sight. Untill we left the highway to head up to the mountains where the Bavarian Forest. The moment we drove into the area snow began to fall and continued during the night. When we entered the park the next morning a fresh blanket of virginal snow had covered the park completely which makes the scenery absolutely fairy-tale-like. With -8C we resembled a pair of Michelin-puppets, wrapped in at least 4 layers of clothing.

But already at the first sighting of Black Woodpeckers en Boreal Owls, the cold was forgotten completely and we happily snapped away. Although snow was falling heavy all day, which made photographing animals like lynxes and wolves that were somewhat further away to quite a challenge for the autofocus, we had a fantastic first day. Even saw lynxes mating but there was so much snow falling at that moment that the autofocus refused flatly. We only returned back to the hotel when all light had gone. It’s only then that the muscles in your body tell you how many kilometers they had had to work uphill that day! Don’t think I even felt the pillow before I was asleep that night!

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