Hennie van Heerden's Wildlife Diary

June 1, 2010

Darth Vader in a fur coat..

Filed under: June — Hennie van Heerden @ 1:13 pm

The day started with a dense fog. When you go out at first light, the whole world seems to webbed into a silent coccoon. The fog mutes the sounds. Although it makes it difficult to photograph, I just love that hour. No pil in the world can give you that weightless feeling of floating around in a silent boat, with nothing but white lightness and the dimmed sounds of invisible watercreatures around you. And then when the first rays of the sun pierce through the blanket of fog, the world turns golden, birds start singing, and the little splashes of waterfowl becomes audible. This is my favorite time of the day in the Biesbosch. With a start like that, I feel totally happy.

In the afternoon I played around with a Bumble Bee that looked like Darth Vader in a Fur Coat.. 🙂

Hans had to leave tomorrow on a business trip for a few days so we rented a little boat with a strong motor to take him into the nearest town. Our own little boat with the electro motor wouldn’t make it over the strong current of the river Amer where it’s a coming and going of huuuuge freight boats. And God forbid that I was to drive the Tembo all by myself!! 🙂 Hans had tied her to her mooring so tight that I was surprised that she even rose and fell with the tide. I had to give Hans my solemn promise that I would not take her off her moorings on my own:-)


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