Hennie van Heerden's Wildlife Diary

June 2, 2010

Shipwrecked at the Biesbosch

Filed under: June — Hennie van Heerden @ 1:13 pm

After dropping off Hans I went back in the little motor-boat over the river Amer. Jeez! That’s a scary thing to do! It’s only a few miles from the village back into the biesbosch but the huge freight-boats cause enormous rolling waves and more than once I thought I would capsize with my flimsy little boat. But I made it! In the afternoon I had to do the same trip again to pick up Dennis, who would keep me company for the next days. In between those two trips I kept myself busy with the male and female (Common) Redstarts that paid me a visit.
After picking up Dennis we were eager to get out there so we took the little rubber boat and got going. After about a mile we saw a Beaver swimming and we gently tried to follow it. But all of a sudden the electro motor went dead. The batteries were full so there was something else. Long story short; it didn’t come back to life, so we had to row all the way back to the Tembo. Pfuw… I’ve felt those muscles for days after!!

But what to do? The Tembo tightly tied to the shore and the electro motor dead and 3 days to go before Hans came back. So we took the rented little boat with the normal motor and made the best out of it. Not ideal but at least we could move around again. And after a while we got pretty handy in stopping and starting that thing with as little noise as possible. Found a couple of Terns that were very accommodating and while the sun set, we found a beautiful creek where a family of Beavers had their nest.


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