Hennie van Heerden's Wildlife Diary

June 6, 2010

A surprise around every corner

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The morning started again like a fairy tale. The sun turned everything golden and on Dennis’ last morning in the Biesbosch we got treated to again, wonderful sceneries. The Coots seemed to be floating around in liquid gold.  

 In the morning the tide is low. Oystercatchers fourage on the banks of drying mud in the morning sun. Wonderful to watch. Funny thing was that this oystercatcher apparently preferred mussels! 🙂

A big advantage of the motorboat was that the range is much bigger than the electro-motor, so we could explore creeks that I normally don’t dare, as I don’t know if the battery will last that long and they are too shallow to ancher the Tembo in.

So, this time, we discovered a treasure trove of new creeks and rivers. At one point we were entering a creek when all of a sudden we saw a roe deer, at the same time he saw us. He was standing up to his belly in the water, munching away at the leaves of an apparently delicious shrub. We he saw us approaching, he splashed through the water to the other side, swimming the last part. A fantastic sighting and I think quite unique for the Biesbosch area.

The afternoon we followed a couple of Tufted Ducks around; They let you come quite close but invariably they lifted off, only to land again maybe 50m onwards. Of course this repeated a couple of times as the boat approached, until they finally got wise, lifted off again, circled the air and finally landed behind us. It sure gave me a chance for pretty pictures!



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