Hennie van Heerden's Wildlife Diary

September 20, 2010

Purple delight?

Filed under: September — Hennie van Heerden @ 8:08 am

Although I’m focused on animals, sometimes you encounter the weirdest things in nature. I drove through a dense beech forest when I decided to go look for edible mushrooms. The weekend before, a very kind gentleman had shown me were to find them in our own little forest (a really nice thing to do on a sunday afternoon). But of course, one afternoon doesn’t make me an expert so I stick to the kind that I know for certain. According to my book, many mushrooms are edible, but they invariably have a close cousin, who resembles the edible one perfectly, but is highly poisonous! Last sunday we had collected Bay Bolete, (tasted very good!), Berch Bolete, Slippery Jack or sticky bun as they are called in english speaking countries (and they tasted accordingly!) and Horse Mushroom. After tasting them all (of course accompanied by a good glass of red), we’ll stick to the Bay Bolete. They certainly tasted the best!

Anyway, I didn’t find the Bay boletes on my exploring of the Beech lane, but what I did find was this Amethyst Deceiver. I have no idea if it’s edible or not, although its Dutch name, RodeKoolZwam (red cabbage mushroom) would imply that it is, but given the rather poisonous looking color, I decided to stick with taking pictures. The young ones (picture left) sure have an interesting look 🙂

Late afternoon I went to the Veluwe where rutting turns fiercer every day. The dominant stag was chased away by a younger, beautiful looking new stag with an impressive rack!


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