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September 21, 2010

New opportunities

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I had to drive to the city of Kampen today. On my way back I decided to drive past an industrial zone which is still in development ‘de Zuiderzeehaven’. The area itself is a disaster zone; big machines everywhere and piles of junk and debris. But.. the areas that are still for sale are left fallow and is the temporary home of many birds, hares and pheasants. I saw a couple of Kestrels that had made the bign ‘for sale’ sign their home 🙂

When I finally went home I saw a little dot sitting on a barn roof, near where I live. Stopped the car and it indeed turned out to be the cutest Burrowing Owl! Took some pictures but of course a bird on a roof is not exactly what I want, so I asked the farmer if I could stop by some other time, very early in the morning, to see if I could find it in a nicer position. Actually, I experience much friendliness and enthusiasm everywhere where I explain my intentions and ask permission. Better than just stopping and shooting as people don’t know what you’re up to and get nervous.


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  1. Wat een schattig uiltje!
    Prima blog, trouwens. ‘s Kijken of ik je rss kan vinden :).

    Comment by J. — September 28, 2010 @ 8:03 pm | Reply

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