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November 15, 2010

Leaving Botswana

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Today the long drive to Mala Mala was due so I got to sleep in. Well, if you call waking up at 6AM sleeping in :-). When I left the room the Bushbucks were grazing just in front of my door as if to say “Are you sure you want to leave?”
Said goodbye to all the wonderful people at Mashatu who had been so absolutely warm and hospitable and was driven to the border with South Africa by Elvis and Morgan for the last time. On the other side of the border I was met by the driver who would take me to Mala Mala.

The drive  took about 8 hours and the driver was of the talkative sort 🙂 I escaped much of the cross examination by catching up on some long deprived sleep.

Around 4PM we arrived at Mala Mala Main Camp where I was met by ranger for the coming two weeks: Matt Meyer. I had been to Main Camp once before but only for one night and it had been already a couple of years ago. Decided to skip the afternoon game drive (now thĂ t’s a first!) although Matt offered that I could get settled in first while he already went out with the other guests with whom I would be sharing the vehicle, and someone could bring me to them later on. But strangely enough I felt a bit lost and yes, maybe even a bit lonely. For the first time since I left home I was feeling a bit homesick. If I would have known then, at that moment,  that the upcoming stay of 2 weeks Mala Mala Main Camp was going to be one of the most fantastic stays ever at Mala Mala (and that really says something!) I would have surely felt differently.

Anyway, got settled in to my room and set up my little computer corner there. It’s a pitty I haven’t taken a picture of that as the tangle of cords, plugs, adaptors, chargers, disks, all plugged into one outlet is every fire brigade’s nightmare. 🙂 (Managed throughout my stay without setting the place on fire though.. )


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  1. Hennie, you can’t imagine all the fun that it gave to me to read this diary…!! It was only exceeded by the pleasure of seeing all that gorgeous wildlife photos of yours; btw it’s there any place where we can see them all on largest size?
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and the magnificent work you do! I’m afraid that there are no words to describe my respect for the work you’ve done last year and of course for your well known commitment and skills – You deserve every single success that you are achieving :))
    A big hug to you and your Hans, and all the best for the oncoming New Year

    Now’s time to go to Mala Mala’s adventure…

    Comment by JosĂ© (aka Zedith) — December 29, 2010 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

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