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August 2, 2011

Full speed ahead, mom!!

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Those of you that know me a bit longer know that I simply love to spend time on our boat, the Tembo. Especially sailing her to the Biesbosch, a beautiful wetland area in Holland, is really my favorite trip. The boat has a little tender, a green rubber boat with an electro motor, but the motor got broken last year. Since we, so far, haven’t had the chance to take the Tembo out for a trip this year (!), there wasn’t a real need to repair or replace the electro motor of the rubber boat. But last week we received a phone call that the new motor was ready to be picked up.

A couple of days before, I had seen a couple of Grebes with chicks in the channel alongside the road I drive almost every day. I had tried to photograph them but the banks are steep and covered in thick reeds. But I really wanted to get low perspective shots of this cute little family. So when the motor arrived I had a brainwave and pursuaded Hans to bring the rubber boat to the channel. Put it in the water, attached the brandnew electro motor and off I went! (much to the amusement of the many people in cars driving next to the channel. Imagine this woman, big hat, big lens, big green rubber boat…. must have looked like I was about to go crocodile hunting :-))

At first the Grebes didn’t like me very much.. Slowly, ever so slowly I approached and the first couple of times just passed them by, to make them get used to the boat and convince them that I wasn’t a threat. That worked and after a while I could gently overtake them, tie the boat to a reed stem and wait for them to swim up to me and pass. It was really cute; mom and dad both carried the chicks on their backs and every once in a while, the chicks opened their mouths really wide as if to cheer mom on: “Full speed ahead, Ma!!!”

  It was a really fun way to spend a warm summer afternoon!!


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  1. Mooie platen henny, lage standpunt werkt goed.

    Comment by Peter Maris — August 2, 2011 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

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