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April 20, 2010

Volcano eruption interuption

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Today I was scheduled to go on another trip again but the flight fell victim to the volcano eruption in Iceland. Spent a couple of days on the phone trying to get the next flight out of Europe which, with the help of a very kind gentleman on Schiphol airport, finally worked out on tuesday evening 21st. Returned home on April 30th. It prooved to be one of the most memorable and exciting trips I’ve ever been on and I can’t wait to tell you all about it but again, I will get back to this trip soon!!!!

April 16, 2010

On a shoot with Edgar Thissen again

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This time Edgar and I went especially for the Dutch native birds; Redshank and Ruff. Got some pretty cool shots of both birds so went home happy. The red and green background of the Redshank to the left was formed by a red tiled roof with some bushes in front of it. The telephoto DOF effect which you get with shooting with an aperture of f5.0 came in handy here. The left Redshank reminded me of an elegant ballerina when she came trotting straight towards my lens. And to top things off, the Ruffs were showing full mating season regalia.  Also the Ducks were quite active. A little too active for my taste, at least the males were. This lady had a tough day with the two males competing for her favours. Had a lovely day!

April 4, 2010


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Have been away for a week. Will come back to this trip later

April 2, 2010

What a wonderful day!

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This month was a month of travel. Been abroad for almost 3 weeks so there wasn’t really much time to go out and shoot. But still I had a couple of nice opportunities. Friday 2nd I went on photoshoot with my good friend Edgar Thissen. We had actually planned on leaving my house at 6, but of course the night before we stayed up too late, talked too much and drank too much wine 🙂

Still managed to be on the road at 7AM and much to our joy we saw the storks, who have built their nest in a dead tree at the end of the road I live on, do some early morning excercize :-). That woke us up alright! Not much further a Buzzard was trying to take care of breakfast but got home with only a claw-full of straw. Good for the mouse I guess, but tough luck for the Buzzard. But to us, the day already was a succes!

On we went to my favorite bird meadow near my house and sure enough, this Redshank had found a puddle in the grassland where he happily trotted around in. It was only a small puddle, but still large enough to reflect the bird perfectly. Not much further a small Chifchaf was busy calling his bride to be in rather a loud way. It sure was spring that day!!

The day ended with a picture of a common Crow. Not very special but I always find it difficult birds to photograph because of their all black feathers. Often enough the black just totally closes up, showing no detail at all. But the crisp spring air lit this one up in a fantastic way and I managed a bit better this time. May still be a common Crow, but I like it! 🙂

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