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April 10, 2011

Close to home..

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Sometimes you don’t have to travel to find beautiful wildlife. (although it’s nice.. :-))

Found this handsome fellow just around the corner last friday. He appeared to be making a nest on the high bank of a stream but there weren’t many branches for him to perch on. So….. 🙂 Off I went with some enormous branches in Hans’ open Landrover. The stuck out pretty high. Went fine, until the branch decided to fall done right on top of my head.. Auch!! Must have been a funny sight for the people that saw me driving by..

Anyway, I planted the branches in the stream (yep, got pretty wet!) and let the guy alone to get used to his new perches. Yesterday morning I returned very early in the morning and put up the hide near the branches. Much to my surprise it took only a couple of minutes and there he was!! And even more exciting, soon I heard a familiar sound behind me; another one came flying in and chased my handsome guy from his perch; a female!!!

It’s going to be an interesting spring 🙂

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